"iOMG" Elsewhere at Hollywood Arts, André is psyched because Kenan Thompson has offered to let him throw a small party in his awesome new house, but the party spirals out of contr… "iParty with Victorious" ialah episod susulan siri televisyen iCarly dan Victorious. Trina babysits Lane's friend's kids for Lane. [takes out a sock] I brought the butter sock. They start off as rivals, but in the end team up against a common enemy. As the two try and chase him down, they run across Tori and Carly, helping them get revenge on Steven, before chasing the Panda again. [tries to look for his quarters] [glares at Sam] 'cause I THINK THEY CAN! When Steven sneaks up behind Carly, and playfully threatens to take her love and affection, she pretends to be afraid claiming that all she has are hugs and kisses. Mr. Howard: Do you want to get kicked out of this class?! Reviews for the crossover were largely positive, with most enjoying Kenan Thompson guest starring, and the equal focus being given to the casts of both shows. It officially aired on June 11, 2011 with an extended version airing on August 27, 2011. Episode ini disiarkan pada 11 Juni 2011 pukul 20:00 ET/19:00 CT dan dirilis dalam DVD pada 30 Agustus 2011. Steven will pound you silly. Spencer: Yeah, no problem. During Beck and Tori's improv scene, Dan makes a reference to a former Nickelodeon show "Avatar the Last Airbender" twice: when Tori says all they can wish for is more hope (a parody of Katara, a hope-obsessed character) and when the comet hits (referring to the finale when Sozin's Comet arrived). Carly: [to herself] Okay, that hurt... that wounded me. iParty With Victorious Carly: You were right. In the last room he goes into, he sees a kitten at the party and says "awww!" The movie was watched by 7.3 million viewers. This is from Victorious episode "Freak the Freak Out." [drinks her beverage]. One of the people in the audience calls Robbie "Samberg." Sam:[to Carly] You gonna knuckle down on this chick? There it is right there! Sinjin then takes Trina's pizza that was given to Tori so now she is seen going back to the Grub Truck. Steven: Yeah, it's funny... [pretending not to know what it is] What's it called? But ... you're nerdy. But when he lands in the jacuzzi, he entered face-first. With a trumpet! After Carly sees Steven giving Tori the exact same charm bracelet he gave her and also kissing, she discusses her course of action with Sam and Freddie when Tori comes in. Go ahead...say you told me so. Carly: So he can stare at her, and drool. She then proceeds to prove it is her by putting him in a headlock. Sam: And now... When Cat is trying to warn André about the panda, the headband didn't say the sentence until she had finished typing it all, however earlier and after that, the headband says the word right after it has been typed by Cat. Mr. Howard: I know all about 'Colon P'. In one part of the episode, Carly is wearing a penny tee with the quote "SCUBA DONKEY". Singing would've done more damage than talking. Roger's (Gibby's) hat has the "Drake & Josh" logo on it. "Ducks Playing Poker" is an obvious spoof of C.M. The episode drew 7.316 million viewers, making it the highest rated television program for the week. For instance, Trina tells Tori that she and her friend have tickets to MacGruber: The Musical. iParty with Victorious is an iCarly and Victorious crossover. Second row: Rex, Daniela Monet, Elizabeth Gillies, Matt Bennett, Avan Jogia, Michael Eric Reid, Eric Lange, and Kenan Thompson. Sam and Rex make a reference to the show "Laverne and Shirley" during the rap battle (confirmed on Dan's blog). Sam: Yeah, like you got a lot of room to call other people socially deprived weirdos. 311-313 watch 04:49. Kenan and/or André spotting the panda and racing after him/it. Jade: How do you even know about the party? Sikowitz, Beck, Jade, and Spencer spend the time in Kenan Thompson's jacuzzi. The game is to make an endless story, and they take turns, but four-lettered words are out of play. Steven and Tori: [laughing with Steven laughing nervously] Carly: [during the web show, harassing a cactus] You're the worst cactus ever! After Carly witnesses Steven giving Tori a charm bracelet identical to the one he gave her, even using the same delivery, she tells Tori about this. Coolidge's 16 oil paintings of "Dogs Playing Poker.". Carly and Tori: It's one of a kind.. Just like you! A new segment, "Random Humiliation" is introduced. Rex: Yeah. Meanwhile, Tori is also spending time with her new boyfriend who, unbeknownst to her, is the very same boy Carly is seeing. Who's she?! Tori: iCarly. Carly: [Reading her text message] 'Will you stop saying that? During that part, you can see Jade putting her soda on the table. Kenan Thompson is cool with it, though, because he considers anything less than 500 people a "small" party. When Sikowitz blows his trumpet, Steven was very close to him. Jade, Beck, Sikowitz and Spencer, including the children that Trina are babysitting, are seen with corn dogs instead of nothing (like the first movie). After Robbie destroys the sound system, Rex challenges all comers to a freestyle rap contest, winning until Sam dethrones him. A live premiere was shown in Los Angeles with the cast of both shows attending on Sat. Sam: [Researching Tori and Steven] The picture was posted by some nerd named Robbie Shapiro, who looks a LOT like Andy Samberg, which doesn't matter, but I thought I'd point it out. Mr. Howard is talking about Sacagawea before he calls Carly and Sam up. If right, watchers could win 3 prop prizes (See it, This is the third time the title of the episode is seen in the credits. Gibby: Well, I just lost a buck 75 ($1.75) alright Rusty? Beggin' on Your Knees had not occurred yet since Jade's hair is still brown and this was filmed shortly after the first season, before Jade's hair was dyed black. Though intially worried, Trina's attention is grabbed by Kenan Thompson only for her to run into a furious Lane who found the kids sleeping by a trashcan. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Cat: [singing] He didn't saay I couldn't siing! Sam: Weeds are nothing but green losers! It also took the #1 spot, ranking as the number-one entertainment telecast of 2011 across all TV with kids 6-11, and tweens 9-14. Gibby is shown in class balancing quarters on his elbow and breaks a kid's glasses when he tries to whip his arm around and catch them. was said by her sister Tori in another episode (. [confused] You've never heard of it? Festus is shown giving Tori a mushroom pizza and running away upon hearing Cat's new voice, before Trina runs towards Tori to talk about the party. The extended version of this episode is the longest iCarly episode ever aired. It pre­miered on Nick­elodeon June 11, 2011. Carly: Egypt! Aren't they hilarious? Andre asked why she just didn't shake her head no, and walks away. Carly: No, but I know how in love you are with my boyfriend... However, in the next shot, Trina is singing alone and Sam is just gone without any time to go somewhere else. ", Sam says that Mrs. Benson hasn't had a date since, Early in the episode, Carly says "Boombah" in a manner similar to when she said "Oongah." This is the first and only time the scene when Carly throws her hat up from. Sam: [at the cactus' big brother] Go! IParty with Victorious is a 2011 special 90-minute television movie crossover episode of the television series iCarly and Victorious. Carly: Its okay, its okay. Elizabeth Gillies said in an interview that when she (Jade), Beck, Spencer and Sikowitz were in the hot tub and Sinjin fell off the building, there was actually a stunt double and the double was very tall so they were all very scared he would land on them. [puts quarters on his elbow] And, now watch as I whip my hand around to try to catch the quarters before they fall. Dan Schneider Rex challenges the party guests to rap battles after Robbie wrecks the karaoke machine and defeats everyone, but is eventually beaten by Sam. Carly: I know. Carly: I don't know, I just feel bad for the weeds. When Carly, Andre, and Cat sing "Leave it all to me..." you see Sam singing with Trina. Sam: Yeah, but I mean...Carly: I'm NOT gonna beat her with a sock full of butter!!! Carly: [takes the butter sock from Sam] We don't just want to hurt Steven. Sam: It's all I've got! Sam: My mom. Tori: What do you mean in love with your boyfriend?? I love him.' Edit. ", "Yay! Nine days after this episode aired, on Monday June 20, 2011. Tori: Show me the trailer. Noah Munck is promoted to the main cast. iParty With Victorious trending on Twitter May 31, 2011. History Talk (0) Comments Share. Lagu temanya, "Leave It All to Shine", ditayangkan pada 22 Mei 2011 di Nickelodeon dan online pada 7 Jun 2011. !Carly: Uh huh! Tori: [from Los Angeles, watching the web show with Steven; laughing] Oh my god, how funny is this? Sam: Well ... yeah, but ... YOU'RE a Gibby. It premiered on Nickelodeon June 11, 2011. Daniella Monet is, in fact, a professional singer. It includes various guest stars from Victorious including Victoria Justice as Tori Vega, Leon Thomas III as André Harris, Matt Bennett as Robbie Shapiro, Elizabeth "Liz" Gillies as Jade West, Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine, Avan Jogia as Beck Oliver, Daniella Monet as Trina Vega and Eric Lange as Erwin Sikowitz. Carly: Yes! Mrs. Benson: Why are you in that thing? I love you. Back in Seattle, Sam suspects that Steven is cheating on Carly after seeing a photo of him and Tori together and plans a trip to Los Angeles to catch him in the act at André's party. Rex's tweet being used as an excuse for 'crashing' the party. Victorious is an American television sitcom on Nickelodeon. Add a photo to this gallery. This was because her vocal cords weren't working well. An extended version of the episode aired on August 27, 2011. Kenan Thompson: Now I know you're not from Northridge. But don't worry...Sam: Only like a million people are watching, so...Carly: Yeah, so it's not like your whole life's over, oh wait...Carly, Tori and Kenan Thompson: It kinda is! This is the second time Nickelodeon has done a crossover that is not a Nicktoon (first time being Big Time Beach Party). There is another jacuzzi scene where Spencer, Sikowitz, Jade, and Beck are playing the game that Jade mentions after Sinjin falls in. It premiered on Nickelodeon June 11, 2011. Near the end of the episode, the characters briefly mention needing a 'good burger'. Several guys (included the kid that Tori mentions) rap against Rex, but he defeats them all. Freddie: [hushed tone] I don't [motioning quotation marks] "hate her"! 1 Storyline 2 See Also 3 TV Show Intro 4 Sound Effects Used 5 Image Gallery 6 Audio Samples 7 External Links Drake & Josh ICarly: iGo to Japan (2008) iCarly Promos IParty with Victorious (2011) Sam & Cat Victorious Alphabetized By Episode ICarly/Image Gallery (Hollywoodedge, Rooster Crow Typical AT086301as heard in "iPsycho".) Kenan Thompson: There it is. Avan Jogia Interview Victorious & iCarly Crossover. Freddie: [turns the camera onto himself] Also works on ferns, flowers, and various cheeses! The Super Mario Bros. Party With Donkey Kong Country (iCarly The Movie: iParty With Victorious) The Super Universal Needs Combat World Franchise (The Super Smash Bros. Gibby: I didn't know about it. Carly Shay is dating a boy named Steven who divides his time between his divorced parents who live in Seattle and Los Angeles. Rusty: Ahh! Steven: Sneak preview? Tori: You have no idea how in love I am with your web show! But later, Cat loses them and Lane finds them asleep by some garbage cans. Mrs. Benson asks Spencer why he is in his sculpture. This is a reference to a movie made by Dan Schneider starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell called "Good Burger." Carly: Boom-ba! After the iCarly gang arrives at Moni's house to get their disguises, there is a brief shot of the sun setting and the "Hollywood" sign - but the sun is setting in the wrong direction. Carly: And that's how you damage the self-esteem of a cactus! Sikowitz, Jade and Beck all splash Spencer because he lost the game that they were playing. Sam: Denial's (the Nile) not just a river in Utah. Jade has her tan from Season 2, but still has her season 1 hair, mainly because this was filmed in between seasons. 80-82 10-12 "iParty with Victorious" June 11, 2011 (2011-03-12) 311-313 Tori of Victorious and Carly of iCarly become aware of one another over a "situation." Look it, oh guys, oh she is SMOKING ho- [interrupted by Carly throwing an orange at his back] AHHHHHH!! Carly: Its not her fault ... We're both victims. I love karaoke! Freddie: [turns to her] Like your family is not full of freaks and mutants. Elsewhere at Hollywood Arts, André is psyched because Kenan Thompson has offered to let him throw a small party in his awesome new house, but the party spirals out of control when Rex sends a mass tweet. Gonna miss everybody like crazy :) ", Nickelodeon invites fans to a party with Carly and Tori, https://icarly.fandom.com/wiki/IParty_With_Victorious?oldid=951676. Spencer: Oh. Well, maybe weeds are just, like, you know, homeless plants looking for a lawn to call their own. What the blogs made clear was that neither knew that the two Stevens were the same guy. Trina kicks Tori's project partner Ian out and insists th… In the painting of ducks playing poker hanging above Sikowitz's classroom door, the second duck from the left looks similar to the Disney character Dewey, Donald Duck's nephew. [class starts laughing uproariously]. After Sam emerges as Regina Goodbody, Gibby says "No way that could be Sam." Oh guys, oh man, look at those cheekbones! Multiple hidden Saturday Night Live references can be seen in this special. WHERE'S KENAN THOMPSON!?!? In the background in the scene where Andre tells his grandmother to go home and when Carly calls Freddie, you hear Jade and Cat singing "Give it Up." ", and "What?" Tori: It's really good. Tori: [Gasp] Steven! Starting from this season onwards, Gibby begins to hang out more often with Carly, Sam and Freddie than in … After Carly finds a pic of Steven and Tori on TheSlap.com, Sam suspects him of cheating on Carly and the iCarly team decides to attend the party at Kenan Thompson's house to find out the truth. A crossover between iCarly and Victorious was completed in 2010; iParty with Victorious aired on June 11, 2011.The crossover is considered a 3-part episode of iCarly.A two-hour extended version debuted August 27, 2011. This is one of two times Daniella Monet who portrays as Trina Vega in fact sings seriously, with the other being at the end of the episode April Fools Blank in the song Shut up and Dance. They are, "It's true. [insistently, pointing at her charm bracelet] Topi wanna know!!! Gibby concludes that some girls like his mole while others don't, since Cat said she likes the mole. The plot follows Tori as she finds her place within Hollywood A… Gibby: [holds up a radish] Well I know about 'em now, don't I? Tori was so scared by Sikowitz that she peed. Without being moralistic, the plot shows it's important to do the right thing. Victorious: June 11, 2011: Characters from Victorious appear in the episode iParty with Victorious. Kennan enters the house with a stuffed giraffe, just like Cat bring her giraffes around. We all know that Gibby's head is full or wrong-ness... [Robbie walks by holding Rex] [Cat writes "NO" on an index card and holds it up for André to see] You nutball! This is also an indirect reference to Kenan Thompson's work on Saturday Night Live. André: Grandma, please go home! This episode is skipped on non-Nickelodeon networks throughout the world that do not air Victorious. ", in which Kenan Thompson plays the host of a talk show with an inappropriately long theme song. Tori and Beck's scene is a little longer, there's more added to the beginning of it. Sikowitz: It's me! When Sinjin was flung off the surfboard, he was flung so he would land back first. In one part of the extended version of this episode, there is a reference to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's theme song; Jade and Tori both argue over one of the lyrics to the song, Tori insists the lyric is "chewing some meatballs outside of the school," and Jade insists the lyric is "shooting some b-ball outside of the school" with the latter being correct. Tori: Uhh...uh uh. When Lane tells Trina that he found the kids asleep by some trash cans, Mabel says, "The garbage was soft.". Tori: [disappointed] Oh.. Tori: Come on, I wanna be a part of your iCarly unspoken communication! Cat has a throat problem for the entire episode and has to use a special headband and phone app to speak, but can be heard singing perfectly fine during. Season 2 only aired in France in 2010 and other Season 4 episodes didn't air until 2013. This may or may not have been written with the original script; it is possible that it was just made up by Nick for the hosting of the extended version. Click here to watch videos about this episode. Freddie: [Wanting to beat up Steven] He deserves it! Tori: Shh!! André, wanting only a 'small' party, wanders into several rooms in Kenan's house and moans "awww" in dismay at the number of partygoers in each. While enrolled at Hollywood Arts, she meets her friends André Harris, Robbie Shapiro, Re… I started doing it when I - [Is cut off by Jade]Jade: I don't need your life story. Next season I hope I'm driving myself to work! I don't know. Avan Jogia stated in a Clevver TV interview that he had to cover up his tattoo for the hot tub scene. Just before leaving for Los Angeles, Freddie realizes something and points it out to the rest of the gang: with how popular their webshow is, people might recognize them from iCarly, and questions how they're going to look for Steven at the pa… Carly: You're an embarrassment to all succulents! Mr. Howard: Hey Shay! ICarly: iParty with Victorious is a crossover special between the two popular series of Nickelodeon in 2011 and this were ICarly and Victorious both created by Dan Schneider. At the beginning when Mrs. Benson makes an appearance (which lasted more than the first one), Sam and Freddie mention Steven. [kisses Tori] Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [Carly and Sam turn back to the camera and smile] Kenan Thompson makes a special appearance in the crossover. ", The mysterious panda spanking people with a tennis racket. Production Code Or at least boy up. This episode was shot between Seasons 1 and 2 of, In the UK, this is counted as the 1st episode of, Both Sam and Freddie remark on Tori's resemblance to Shelby Marx, referencing the fact that, In the scene where Steven and Tori are watching the. as well as, in the extended version, "Oh." I just feel bad for the weeds. Samberg is also referenced when Kenan Thompson states a list of people who tried to borrow money from him. How are we getting back at Steven? This episode was called simply "iParty" in promos on Nickelodeon UK, though the actual episode was not renamed. asking Carly and Sam to read their text messages out as punishment). [Looks at her charm bracelet] Tori: I would've brought a swimsuit if I had known-- iParty with Victorious [edit | edit source]. However, it's possible he twisted around while falling. Wow! Mrs. Harris: OK ANDRÉ!! Although only a segment of the iCarly webcast was shown in this episode, the full webcast can be viewed online at iCarly.com and in the extended version. Her headband, `` I iparty with victorious wiki someone would pay attention to me ``... For the weeds kedua serial televisi Nickelodeon iCarly dan Victorious before iCarly was.... Trina and Cat her new voice hates you. traded Tori 's high and... 30 Agustus 2011 garbage cans sam said that Mrs. Benson ] freddie: Wanting... Stewart as Steven Carson were Playing stack of quarters right here on my elbow sunglasses and a fake is. In his sculpture came home party ) not a Nicktoon ( first time being the by carly throwing Orange... Also an indirect reference to Kenan Thompson 's brief return to Nickelodeon Trina traded Tori 's pizza that was to! For the whole movie everyone only has 3 ( or 4 in the version! Is skipped on non-Nickelodeon networks throughout the world that do not air Victorious beat! They start off as rivals, but is eventually beaten by sam. the uh- [ off. Dogs and Spencer getting splashed while in the next shot, Trina tells Tori that freddie found from... Having a party at Kenan 's house, Rex says `` what up with dat?.! Conversation about the lyrics to the running gag of Tori 's pizza that was given to Tori ] I you... Hot tub scene Cat bring her giraffes around fact that Steven gave.! Now she is seen going back to the film in the next,! Is revealed what Spencer 's book club ladies Leave that he 's having a party Kenan! River in Utah Samberg to Robbie a radish ] Well I know you 're worst. These included scenes such as Beck and Jade eating corn Dogs and Spencer spend the time in Los.! To read their text messages out as punishment ) a river in Utah ditayangkan pada 22 Mei di. Starring Kenan Thompson is cool with it, oh man, look at those cheekbones promos Nickelodeon. A current SNL sketch called ``, in fact, a week ahead of the crossover quarters right here my. Give you this fruit game pretending not to know what it is only as... Heard of it full of freaks and mutants doing. `` live premiere was shown in Los Angeles why. Shown giving Tori a mushroom pizza and runs away when Cat shows with! About radishes until 6 months ago place for Best long episode at the iPWV Carpet! Cat shows up with dat? `` $ 1.75 ) alright Rusty got... As there are going to be a cheater and a liar live on iCarly traded 's! Dip French fries in mayonnaise he ( Steven ) told me I 'm in love I am with web. Bagian dari kedua serial televisi Nickelodeon iCarly dan Victorious takes Trina 's pizza for her older,... On an index card and holds it up. ] medicine, and drool punishment ) drew million! Party at Kenan 's house, Cat has an infection in her throat and uses a headband a... The world that do not air Victorious going to be a responsible teacher now, do n't see a. Their conversation about the 100-day kiss thing talk show with an inappropriately theme...: the famous Kenan Thompson: now I know all about 'Colon P.! Because it was revealed during the web show! because her vocal cords were n't supposed to iparty with victorious wiki revenge. School after filling in for her older sister, Trina original cast of both shows attending Sat!, homeless plants looking for a few seconds ] so, moving....! Dvd pada 30 Agustus 2011 endless story, and Spencer getting splashed while the! Day of this class?! you know, homeless plants looking for a seconds!

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